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Pre-Auction Information

It is time to donate items fro the auction. Click here to donate online.

Don’t limit yourself to just one item.

Here are some ideas:

  • A dinner or a party (possibly around a theme). Could you host with a friend?
  • An event (kids or adults) – a hike, canoe tripe, concert, tickets to a sporting event, museum
  • A service- pet-sitting, a professional service, yard work, child care, house repair
  • An object – a pie, new artwork, a bottle of wine, a gift basket
  • A gift certificate for dinner, theater, hotel, concert
  • For more ideas, check out last year’s catalog.

100% Participation

This year we anticipate raising more than ever at the auction. It will take all of us to make this event a wonderful success.

  • Donate today!
  • Volunteer to help and still participate in bidding fun. Sign up here.
  • Prepare food for the evening.
  • Thanks in advance for your help!

Please fill out the donation form below.

Spring Fling Auction Donation Form

  • Business or donor's information (if different from information above)
  • Describe the service, event or item. If providing a service or sponsoring an event, please specify in detail any conditions of the offer, i.e. time, location, specific date, etc. Example: 3 hours of babysitting for up to 4 children; Bunco Night for 12 on June 24