Welcome Members



HOW DO I BUY BOOKS THROUGH OUR WEBSITE? Go to the First UU Bookstore page (currently being updated…coming back soon!). You can then either type in the name of a title or author in the Search Now box inside the logo or you can click on the title of the recommended books further down the page. Either of these actions will take you to where you can purchase your book and the church will receive a rebate.

HOW DOES THE KROGER PROGRAM WORK? We sell Kroger gift cards that are registered in the name of First UU. You purchase the cards on Sunday mornings and use them to buy groceries. You reload them for any amount you wish for future use. Since the cards sold at the church are registered in the name of First UU, each time you use them to make a purchase, Kroger will pay a rebate to First UU in an amount equal to 5% of your purchase.

CAN I BUY UU MERCHANDISE ON SUNDAY MORNINGS? Yes. Come to the First UU Bookstore in the lobby after the service. We have a variety of UU books as well as First UU T-shirts and caps. We also have candy bars if you need a little something to go with your coffee.

CAN I BUY FIRST UU MERCHANDISE ON THE INTERNET? Yes. Go to CaféPress First UU store at to make your purchase and have it sent directly to your home.

IS IT EVER APPROPRIATE TO ASK PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT MEMBERS TO MAKE GIFTS TO THE CHURCH IN RELATION TO SPECIAL OCCASIONS FOR MY FAMILY? Yes. It is a tradition to give gifts at a wedding or flowers at a funeral or memorial service. However, it is entirely appropriate to ask others to consider an alternative by making a contribution to the First Unitarian Universalist Church or Endowment Fund in lieu of gifts or flowers. You can also make a contribution to the endowment in the honor or memory of someone and they or their family will be notified.

ARE THERE FUNDRAISING EVENTS DURING THE YEAR? Yes. Our two big annual events are Gallery in the fall and a goods & services auction in the spring. In addition, we have dances, concerts, plant sales, book sales, raffles, food sales and a variety of other things going on throughout the year. Look for announcements about upcoming events.

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT ALL THE FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES GOING ON. HOW CAN I HELP? Contact There are many volunteer opportunities still available.