Proposed Changes to First UU Bylaws


Proposed Changes to First UU Bylaws 2015


The proposal modifies the structure of the Board of Directors by replacing three officers with three at-large members giving a membership of six at-large members (“Directors”) serving three-year staggered terms and three officers (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) serving one-year terms. (The current provision of having the immediate past president serve for one year as a voting Board member is retained. In those years the Board will have four officers.) In addition the proposal updates the duties of the Treasurer to reflect the current governance procedures and replaces the Assistant Treasurer on the Endowment and Investments Committee with a Board-designated representative. The current positions of 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, and Assistant Treasurer are deleted. To allow for an at-large member to serve two terms, the limit of consecutive years of service on the Board is extended from five to six years.


The current Board structure provides little continuity from year to year as potentially only two of the nine members would continue. The two continuing would be at-large members. This proposal doubles the number of at-large members and hence has a minimum of four members continuing from one year to the next. Continuity is important as the Board often engages in initiatives that span multiple years. Having six members who are willing to commit for three years of Board service significantly strengthens the Board and reduces somewhat the annual search for new Board members.

The three officer positions being deleted have duties that are not required or may be handled in other ways. If any of the remaining three officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer) are temporarily unable to carry out his/her duties the Board will simply assign those duties to another Board member on a temporary basis. In all cases when an at-large or officer position becomes vacant the current process of filling the position will be continued, i.e. the Leadership Development Committee will recommend a replacement for the remainder of the current church year and the Board will elect the nominee by a formal vote. If a position becomes vacant and there are one or more years to serve after the current church year, a replacement for the remainder of the term will be selected at the Annual Meeting by the congregation.