We CARE in support of Community.

First U.U. Richmond is a church driven by our commitment to GROW, CARE and ACT.

Writers’ Group

Encouragement, support, consistent deadlines, criticism — this is what the Writer’s Group provides. Members bring their own writings to share with others and receive feedback. This group has been in existence for nine years. Writers attending produce a wide range of work, including poetry, mysteries, children’s stories, essays, and memoirs. The Writer’s Group often presents a worship service during the year and has published several magazines and presented a short original fiction piece entitled “Naked Came the Unitarian” at a coffee house.

Meetings consist of attendees bringing several copies of their current work and presenting those writings for supportive comment and criticism. Two members have gone on to attend the VCU MFA program in poetry. And several members have had their writings published or won awards for their writings in contests.

The group meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 7:00 at the church. You don’t have to bring something to read to attend.

Contact writers@richmonduu.org for more information.