We CARE in support of Community.

First U.U. Richmond is a church driven by our commitment to GROW, CARE and ACT.

Sip ‘n’ Sup

Christmas Eve 2013Sip ‘n Sup is an ideal way to get to know other members of the church in more depth in an informal setting. Each year members and friends of the church are invited to sign-up for Sip ‘n Sup in late November or early December.  A schedule of dinners is devised so that each participant or couple has an opportunity to eat and enjoy the company of as many different folks as possible.

A Sip ‘n Sup dinner is scheduled to occur once a month for four or five months (from January to June). Your commitment to participate in Sip ‘n Sup involves hosting 8 or more persons (including you) one evening in your home and providing the entire meal, beverages, etc.  Then the other three or four evenings you will be a guest at someone else’s home. It’s a great deal! Most participants are couples, but remember: two singles make a couple. Two people make the hosting lots more fun.

The secret to a successful Sip ‘n Sup year is your commitment to hosting; when everyone does his or her one evening, Sip ‘n Sup is a lot of fun. The main purpose of Sip ‘n Sup as a host is to enjoy the company of your guests, so, when you are hosting, pick a menu that can be prepared ahead of time or can cook unattended, so you can be a part of the merriment. Gourmet cooking is nice, of course, but certainly not required!

We plan to announce the signup for Sip ‘n Sup in the newsletter and online in the late fall.