We CARE in support of Community.

First U.U. Richmond is a church driven by our commitment to GROW, CARE and ACT.

First U.U. Groups

A spiritual path is individual and personal. First U.U.’s groups offer a variety of focus areas to express and explore what appeals to you on your journey. Our groups offer discussions, activities, and opportunities for religious contemplation and reflection, and sharing.  Check the calendar for updates on the dates, times and locations for meetings.

If you are interested in learning more about our groups, refer to the left-hand navigation of this page. If you need to contact one of our groups, please use the information below.*

Adult Education  adultre@richmonduu.org

Buddhist/Zen Group uubuddhistgroup@richmonduu.org

Care Committee  carecommittee@richmonduu.org

Christian Theist Group sherman.logan@richmonduu.org

Committee on Racial and Ethnic Unity (CREU) richmonduucreu@gmail.com

Daytimers  daytimers@richmonduu.org

Earth Centered Spirituality  earthcenteredspirituality@richmonduu.org

Fundraising  fundraising@richmonduu.org

Humanist Group  humanist@richmonduu.org

Membership Council membership@richmonduu.org

Nominating Committee  nominations@richmonduu.org

Pastoral Care  pastoralcare@richmonduu.org

Quuilters  quuilters@richmonduu.org

Religious Education Council  recouncil@richmonduu.org

Small Group Ministries (formerly Circles or Chalice Groups)  smallgroups@richmonduu.org

Social Responsibility Council  src@richmonduu.org

Stewardship  stewardship@richmonduu.org

Women’s Circle  womenscircle@richmonduu.org Group Currently at Capacity! To join a newly forming women’s group, please contact sue.sinnamon@richmonduu.org

Women’s Sojourn  womenssojourn@richmonduu.org

*An updated list of groups, including descriptions and contact information, is pending.