We ACT in service of Justice.

First U.U. Richmond is a church driven by our commitment to GROW, CARE and ACT.

LGBTQ-Straight Alliance

First U.U. is a multi-generational and welcoming congregation. Leaders in our religious community are members of the LGBTQ community, and we have taken specific steps to welcome and integrate LGBTQ members in every level of congregational life. These steps include:

  • The experiences of LGBTQ individuals being included in our religious education curriculum
  • Outreach into the LGBTQ community
  • Active support of LGBTQ affirmative groups
  • Activism in support of legal equality

In support of these ideals, our congregation has hosted the ROSMY alternative prom and participated in Pride Day.

Our living tradition is based on many sources, including direct experience, words and deeds of prophetic women and men, wisdom from the world’s religions, humanist thought, and earth-centered traditions.

For more information, email us at LGBTQ@richmonduu.org or call us at 804-355-0777.