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Rev. Jeanne Pupke


Hello. Welcome to our electronic entryway!

My role here is to invite you to think about living your beliefs and serving the greater good.  I do this by leading our worship services, offering classes, and meeting with our members.  Another way do my ministry is by asking questions about who we are and why we are here.  If you ever ask yourselves those questions, you probably came to the right place.

Feel free to browse about, learn a little bit about us but know that the best way to get to know us is to come to a few of our services so you experience a cross-section of our worship and maybe join in an activity or two.  I’ll be around and would like to hear what you are experiencing and hear the questions you are asking in your life.  We might discover in one another’s questions some of the answers we’ve been seeking.

— Rev. Jeanne

img_5227_editedsmall1Rev. Jeanne Pupke

Some background about Jeanne:

  • Eldest of seven children
  • Her main “sport” was the College Bowl team
  • Jeanne was a Roman Catholic sister
  • Once held a Golden Gloves boxing judge’s license
  • Her mother’s family is from Saltville, Virginia
  • One of her maternal forbears was a Methodist Circuit rider
  • Her relatives fought on both sides of the Civil War
  • Jeanne comes to ministry after a career in business
  • She worked in the automotive and coffee industries

Contact Rev. Jeanne at the church or by emailing