During First UU's renovation, Sunday services and some RE classes will be held at John B. Cary Elementary school.
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Children’s RE





Our Unitarian Universalist Rainbow Principles

  • Respect others.
  • Offer fair & kind treatment to all.
  • Yearn to learn throughout life.
  • Grow by exploring ideas and values together.
  • Believe in our ideas and act on them.
  • Insist on peace, freedom, and justice for all.
  • Value our interdependence with nature.

Sources of Our Beliefs

Our beliefs come from:

  • The sense of wonder we all share.
  • The women and men of long ago and today whose lives remind us to be kind and fair.
  • The ethical and spiritual wisdom of the world’s religions.
  • Jewish and Christian teachings which tell us to love all others as we love ourselves.
  • The use of reason and the discoveries of science.
  • The harmony of nature and the sacred circle of life.


This year is an exciting year of transition and connections! Members of this congregation have chosen to remodel the building, so we are worshiping and learning in new spaces while renovations are being completed.

We will continue to meet on Sundays, but hours for Children’s RE classes have temporarily changed. The nursery is now open 8:45-10:15 am for the first service. The nursery and classes for pre-kindergarten through grade 12 will be held at 11 am during second service.

Beginning October 20, nursery through grade 6 will meet at John B. Cary Elementary School. Grades 7-8, OWL and grades 9-12  will meet at First UU in Douglasdale Studio.

The curriculum for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 will be taught as follows:

  • All students pre-K through kindergarten will be studying Spirit Play stories that focus on the congregation’s monthly themes. This is a continuation of the classic Montessori model of education. Through weekly chalice lighting and interactive story-telling, students are learning the values of ritual, sharing and community building.
  • The curriculum for grades 1-2 is Special Times-Honoring our Jewish and Christian Heritages. Through a year-long focus on celebrations, including their own birthdays and Jewish and Christian Holy Days, children become acquainted with the heritages out of which our UU faith has grown.
  • Grades 3-4 learn “Love Will Guide Us” (from UUA Tapestry of Faith). In this program, sessions apply wisdom from our UU sources to help students answer some of the “big questions” they have about life, and to do so with an emphasis on love. We will explore questions such as: Where did we come from? What happens when you die? How can we respond in kindness even when bad things happen?
  • Students in grades 5-6 are in a period of dynamic development of a sense of self. They will use the metaphor of Windows and Mirrors (curriculum from UUA Tapestry of Faith) to consider their own self-awareness and the dynamic relationships among our perceptions of self, perceptions of others and others’ perceptions of us.
  • Grades 7-8 will study Our Whole Lives, a Human Sexuality curriculum. In developing their growing awareness of self, they become prepared to deal with the challenges and joys of later adolescence with vital information presented through the lens of UU values and principles.
  • High school youth (grades 9-12), like adults and children, need to be able to talk about what it means to be Unitarian Universalist. This curriculum, A Place of Wholeness, encourages youth to look inward for a clearer understanding of their personal faith and guides them to express that faith outward into the world.
  • Youth Group: Youth Group will meet 11 am to 1 pm the first and third Sunday of every month.  They will enjoy special activities, searching deeper into specific topics of choice, and connecting for additional quality time and fun!


Unitarian Universalists do not consider revelation to be sealed, therefore, we are life-long learners on our faith journeys.  There are many options for continued learning here! Practice groups such as the Zen Buddhist group, Christian Theist Group, and Humanist Group have individual schedules for meeting dates.  There are also many Small Group Ministry groups to become involved in. These groups meet once a month.  Conversations on Race began November 2013, meeting the first Sunday and Wednesday of each month.  In addition, topic-specific adult religious education classes will be offered in spring 2014.


Multigenerational Worship: In addition to Sunday morning religious education classes the church offers a number of multigenerational services throughout the year. These allow our entire congregation to come together – so that we might learn from and enjoy one another’s company in worship. We seek a supportive spiritual environment which spans the generations, extending our families to include others who might not live with us, and building a faith community as we demonstrate our concern for one another and the world we live in.

First UU FUUN Nights:  With a focus on food, fun and fellowship, there are five FUUN Nights this year: Oct. 12 and Dec. 7 in 2013, and Jan. 11, Feb. 22, and Apr. 5 in 2014. Bring family, friends, and a generous pot luck dish to share at these very child-friendly events! This is a perfect time for families to have a night out – bring grandparents too! Meet in Douglasdale Studio, 5:30-7:30 pm.

Upcoming Events
  • Wednesday, Aug 20
    5:30 pm

  • Thursday, Aug 21
    6:00 pm
    SGM: Petipoint Group

  • Thursday, Aug 21
    7:00 pm
    Woman's Circle Off-site

  • Thursday, Aug 21
    7:00 pm
    Zen Meditation

  • Sunday, Aug 24
    10:00 am
    Service, Nursery & Pre-K

  • Sunday, Aug 24
    11:00 am
    Small Group Sign-Ups

  • Monday, Aug 25
    4:00 pm
    LPC Meeting

  • Monday, Aug 25
    7:00 pm
    Writers meeting