During First UU's renovation, Sunday services and some RE classes will be held at John B. Cary Elementary school.
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Team Kindness

Know a church member or friend who needs a meal, transportation to a doctor’s appointment, has lost a loved one, needs emergency babysitting or a sympathetic ear? The members of Team Kindness are happy to provide that help. They evidence caring on behalf of the entire church community with very tangible help when it is needed most. Send an email or call the church to get in touch with this group.

How does it work? Each month a new care coordinator organizes the numerous volunteers needed for the month. And there are many, many volunteers. (But always room for more.) Because of that network, church members over 65 receive a birthday card, those who have lost a loved one receive a sympathy card, those who are ill receive a get well card and those going through a hard time receive a “just thinking of you” card.

But there’s more: the unexpected things. The care coordinator is called by anyone in need or by a friend of the person in need or by one of the ministers. All calls are answered and anonymity is respected if desired. The care coordinator then looks through her lists of volunteers to find a nearby volunteer to help out.

This is a rewarding task. We may all be in need at some point, and this duty is so important and so much appreciated by those who receive our help.

Please join our devoted volunteers. Offer a smile, a helping hand to the sick, sad, or just deserving friends and members of OUR church. We won’t overwork you and you’ll meet some wonderful people!

Please call the church or send an email if you know of someone in need or simply call and become a monthly care coordinator or volunteer. It will be greatly appreciated by all.

Upcoming Events
  • Wednesday, Sep 3
    5:30 pm

  • Thursday, Sep 4
    7:00 pm
    Zen Meditation

  • Sunday, Sep 7
    10:00 am
    Service, Nursery & Pre-K

  • Monday, Sep 8
    5:30 pm
    Greene Leaders

  • Monday, Sep 8
    7:00 pm
    Writers Meeting

  • Tuesday, Sep 9
    6:00 pm
    Ewe Ewe Knitters

  • Tuesday, Sep 9
    7:00 pm
    COM meeting